Canada is not postnational

“We took in an estimated 300,000 newcomers in 2016, including 48,000 refugees, and we want them to become citizens” (Charles Foran, 2017). This statement supports that Canada is a country, full of diverse, ethnic nations that make up and share our core identity So no, Canada is not a postnational state, rather a country, with many nations within the country, because if we have no core identity, then Canada is not Canada.


Over centuries, many people have worked and fought for Canada. Canada started as a group of nations, slowly coming together for independence. So what do all of us Canadians share? What is our ‘core identity’? Independence and multiculturalism is our core identity. When the different parts of Canada came together, we changed from colonies of the British, to our own country. Multiple nations all forming under one name. Without a core identity, if we are merely a postnational state, then we are just colonies under the British rule, housing for separate cultures. “McDonald believes being Canadian is like being a member of a community, or a big family,” meaning that all Canadians are not on their own and that to be in the same family, we share a core identity (Douglas Todd, 2016). When I hear that “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” I think of a country where cultures come to live, on their own(Justin Trudeau, 2015). Canada is not a place for introvert cultures, it is a place for many different cultures and nations to live, and interact with one another, sharing their values and identities to prolong Canada’s multicultural identity.


Canada is a place for all cultures, to live and contribute to making Canada a better place, to contribute to Canada’s core identity, being our multiculturalism. So no, Canada is far from being a postnational state, it is a country that is home to various nationxs who contribute to Canada’s core identity, that is why “75 per cent of residents believe there is a “unique Canadian culture.” (Douglas Todd, 2016)

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