Emil (or lime backwards)

Compassion. A simple word with a simple meaning: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Compassion is the main idea in In Stuart McLean’s “Emil,” and something that Morley understands. Morley takes away the idea of giving to the right people. She knows that Emil needs help, so she gives him money. When he says: “That’s too much, I have enough, I have enough”, she knows he is the right person to give to because he is honest in the sense that he only takes what he needs(111). Also, when “[Emil] gave seven thousand dollars away” to the people who helped him, she discovered more of his honourable character(118). Another example is when Emil stole the plants from the gardens and planted them in the city to give to the community. Even though he did steal, he knew that Morley and her family didn’t really need the plants since they had so many. He wanted to spread some of Morley’s good will around the community in the way of flowers and plants. These examples show Emil’s honest character, shows that he only takes what he needs and gives back when he can. When he refuses to take money because he ‘has enough’, this shows that he is the right person to give to because Morley can give to him only when he is in need, making sure that her money is well used. When Emil gives away his lottery winnings, his character shows him being honourable, recognizing who has helped him and repaying those who deserve it. Same sort of idea with him stealing the plants and planting them throughout his community as a way of giving back to his home.

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