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  1. My goodness! I love how you picked a very diverse but still science-based topic! It’s very interesting to think about the evolution of ideas and concepts. As you said, we started with a block phone and now we’re at a phone that can facetime someone halfway across the world!! I’m wondering how does the brain format and process these ideas? Like, how does the brain come up with ideas?

    Great work,


  2. Informative and well prepared TED Talk Rowan! I really enjoyed learning about the evolution of ideas, and the examples that you provided really helped me to understand what you meant by concept and use. Your voice was clear, and it was evident that you spent time practicing and memorizing your content. I also enjoyed how you provided all the different forms of the evolution of ideas, and you kept it nice and simple. It was really easy to follow along with you and comprehend what you were talking about. One thing I wish you had done would be to add more pictures. Some diagrams or just pictures of what you were talking about would’ve helped visual learners latch on to what you were talking about, and pictures can help a lot more that you may think. I wonder, could there be any forms of evolution other than use and concept? For example, design? Or are those 2 just the only kinds of evolution? Overall, very interesting TED talk, I didn’t know much about this until now, and I thought it was all very interesting to learn about. Great work!

  3. Very nice talk Rowan! I liked the way that you explained how ideas evolved, an went into a generally good depth of explanation. I liked the way that you edited the video, and the use of different camera angles. However, I wish that you could have looked more into a scientific approach to your question. You could have explored a bit more into how our brains work to come up with new ideas by combining and evolving ideas. Following this, my question for you is “where do ideas formulate in our brains, and what does this tell us about how ideas advance?”

  4. Hey Rowan! I really enjoyed watching your ted talk, as it was on a super interesting topic that I haven’t seen explored before. The concept of having certain ideas that evolve into new, sometimes different things was a unique viewpoint on human evolution, and made me think about other similar scenarios, like when America used WW2 rockets to help develop their very own space program. My only wish for your presentation was a visual representation or timeline that exemplifies one of the mentioned ideas that had been changed and developed over time.

  5. That is the perfect example of the ideal Ted Talk! Informative and relevant information, clear speech, eye contact, angles… everything was fantastic! As others have mentioned, we are still curious about the human thinking process when evolving in our ways. Understanding that your Ted topic isn’t neurology, what could have instead been some inclinations that lead us to constantly crave development and progress (simply put)? I really liked how all of your information was so well organized and you spoke flawlessly. Great job on this!


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