Confederation Speech

Hello I am thomas heath haviland and I am speaking on behalf of the military and defence of Prince Edward Island. Confederation would not benefit our defence, in fact confidence would harm our defence. Our isolation is what keeps us safe. Yes, it’s much harder to get to our island without a bridge, but this means it’s much harder for our enemies to come across. Speaking of enemies, we don’t really have one. We have strong trade with nova Scotia, New brunswick, america and europe. Confederation would harm our relations with europe and especially america. Harming not only our defence, but also our economy. If PEI was to confederate, the confederation bridge would be built, connecting us to the mainland and taking away our isolation. This would make attacks from the fenian raids and other enemies much more of a problem since they can just cross a bridge to attack. Our isolation is our defence. PEI doesn’t have a military. I know confederation would give us one but we’d prefer to not confederate than have our citizens die defending land that is not ours. Also, we are too small of a colony to mean enough to canada. Would you really send attequite military help if the fenian raids ever happened to us. Or would you leave us to fend for ourselves, a mere 80 thousand of us compared to your over a million. Let’s be honest, who’s really your priorities. Not a tiny island across the *sea?*. We are happy as we are, so let us be and we’ll let you be.

Independent Invesigation

Above is my presentation.


Instead of a voiceover to explain my presentation, I’ve added text boxes to the map.