Ecological Footprint

Rowan Zawadzki                   Ecological Footprint                   May 13, 2018

My footprint: 9.25 hectares                                                 Sarah J: 14.85, Valerie: 14.75


The ten actions that increase my footprint the most are:

    1. Showers are more than 10 minutes.
    2. Clothes are bought brand new for me or by me.
    3. Hardly wears ¾  of my clothe s that I own.
    4. Our garbage on a typical day fits into a small garbage can.
    5. I own a vacation home with another family
    6. I spend more than an hour in a vehicle.
    7. We water the garden every at least week (but we grow a lot of the food we eat)
    8. I need a lot of equipment for my activities. (a gym for climbing and a bike for biking, and ski equipment for skiing and a computer for video games)
    9. A lot of land has been changed for my activities(skiing)
    10. My house has a guest room.

I’ll try to lower my ecological footprint by…

    1. Showers
      1. I take way too long when I am in the shower. I wake up very early and I am in the shower before 6:00 am. This means I am still “waking up” when I am in the shower and also means I am slower.


    1. I’ll try to donate the clothes that I don’t wear anymore


    1. I spend more than an hour in a vehicle
      1. I spend a lot of time in busses on the way to and from school, so I’ll try to walk down to Coquitlam Central Stn. instead of bussing the way(or walking from Coquitlam Central to Gleneagle)


    1. Some of our food is grown outside of BC
      1. Now that I think about this, I realize how much of a problem this is. If our food is being transported from California, or Mexico or from farther, it uses a lot of gasoline and resources to get here. I’ll convince my parents to buy only locally grown food, and I predict this food should be cheaper than other food because less money was used to get it here.


    1. Washing the car once every four weeks.
      1. I don’t mind dirty cars, so I’ll try to convince my parents not to wash their cars (or not to get me to wash them:) ) I think this will save a lot of water and especially how our family uses a lot of water.


Donating the clothes was very easy, all I did was round up and I don’t wear anymore and walk up to my elementary school. My elementary school has a clothing donation bin and is like a 2-minute walk away. Although it was hard to convince my parents to not wash the car, they thought I was just trying to get out of work. Walking to school instead of taking the bus was an obstacle for me, I misjudged how much time it would take to walk from Coquitlam Central to the school and I was a bit late for block 1.  I plan to find more ways of lowering my ecological footprint as I progress into summer and try to successfully complete these ideas.

Alexander Hamilton




What’d I Miss starts with Thomas Jefferson coming back from his trip to France, and realizes he has missed quite a bit while he was away. He comes back and gets a letter offering a job for the Secretary of State and heads to New York to accept. Once he arrives in New York, James Madison confronts him about Alexander Hamilton’s new financial plan. After Alexander got a job as Treasury Secretary, he proposed a new financial plan to input a central bank for America. This plan will improve the economy of America but give financial power to the Federal government. Madison doesn’t want any more power for the government.


The first character that sings in the song is Aaron Burr. He talks about Alexander Hamilton’s Federalists being opposed by Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans, referring to Burr’s statement: “Not so fast. Someone came along to resist him // Pissed him off until we had a two-party system”. Other than this, Burr didn’t have much of an impact on the song.


The next character is the main singer, Thomas Jefferson. He is just coming back from Paris after he finished writing the Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen with Lafayette. Once he arrives, he realizes that he has missed a lot when he was away, hence him repeating the line, “What’d I miss?”, throughout the song. Also when he arrives, he is granted a position as Secretary of State and heads to New York to accept. When Thomas arrives in New York, he is greeted by his “friend James Madison, red in the face”.


The next character is James Madison. He meets Jefferson in New York City and explains “What’s goin’ on”. James Madison is furious at Alexander Hamilton because of his new financial plan (Hamilton wanted to establish a federal bank to boost the economy). Thomas Jefferson then attends his first cabinet meeting regarding the financial issue.


George Washington and Alexander Hamilton welcome Thomas home at the cabinet meeting.




I researched Hamilton’s financial plan because it didn’t quite make sense to me. Hamilton’s plan was to establish a bank of America. Doing this would transfer the debt of the revolution(roughly 25 million) to the federal government but also establish a nation-wide currency and raise money for the government. Although, Madison and Jefferson were opposed to this plan because many of Hamilton’s friends invested in the war and would gain lots of money if the bank were to be established.


Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies   When Alexander Hamilton became the Secretary of Treasury for America, his power increased and he set forth the new financial plan. As I’ve said above, Madison does not want the revolutionary debt to go to the federal government. When Hamilton’s power rose with his ranks, Madison grew more disapproval for Hamilton. Thus creating a conflict for Hamilton and Madison.




I find it interesting that America is experiencing one of their first conflicts as a nation. In the first act of the play, America is fighting an external conflict (England) but in the second act, America is fighting internal conflicts, like Hamilton’s financial plan.


My first quote is “Have it all, lose it all”. This quote foreshadows how Alex has everything in the first act, then loses everything in the second act, including his life. What goes up must come down.


My second quote is “France is following us to revolution // There is no more status quo”. Depending on who you ask, the American revolution was an influence for the French to start a revolution. This demonstrates how revolutions cause, build and influence each other. In other words, similar events or ideas are capable of being used to create new events or ideas.


My last quote is “I have my first cabinet meeting today // I guess I better think of something to say”. The song after What’d I Miss is Cabinet Battle #1. My song introduces the predicament that is debated over in Cabinet Battle #1 and shows that there can be disagreements within the same team.