1. Noah Breakspear
    April 12, 2018 - 11:38 pm

    Star Uno: WOW!!!! Great format, loved the way you presented it. It was very interesting to see something different than just a DOL
    Star Dos: I liked how you went into depth about the tech. used during the war although it wasn’t a necessary component. The more the better!
    Wish Uno: Maybe next time you should try to have a longterm/short-term chart, other than that your Inquiry was amazing!

  2. Star #1, very nice looking presentation, creative.
    Star #2, I like how you researched on multiple weapons used in the past like the French Mortar.
    Wish: you might want to elaborate on your answer to your main independent research question of how did technology Impacts the outcome.

  3. Star: I liked the way that the segments of writing were broken up into small fragments and are easier to read that way
    Star: The background of your presentation were interesting, but not distracting, and the images that your used complimented the writing you had in your presentation.
    Wish: Look out for quite a few typos and mistakes in your writing. I would give your writing a closer look before saying it is all good.

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