Adventure Trip Planning Assessment

Rowan Zawadzki                                                                                                                                6th Meet

Complete one of these sheets for each meeting day. If you missed the meeting, hand it in with ‘missed meeting’ written on it.

  1. I contributed the following to the planning process today:

I printed off all of the forms with Shubham and Mr. Salsbury. Then, in block five, Shubham and I handed out all of them to the grade 9 stein members.

I rate my contributions as 4/5

  1. I encouraged others today by (name and how you encouraged):

I encouraged Shubham, saying how he has done a great job in organizing the trip, especially with editing the forms.

I rate my encouragement has 4/5

  1. The constructive criticism I provided today is:

I reminded Shubham that we had to log out of the copy machine before we left, he showed me how to log out since I couldn’t find the button.

I rate as 4/5


  1. I demonstrated strong and compassionate listening by

I listened to the equipment committee and Mr. Salsbury teach us how to use the compact stoves. I thought it’s interesting how there is no external fuel source with the stoves, just a cup-sized container of alcohol.

I rate 5/5

  1. Other comments:

I thought the Minnekhada hike was fun because it was a beautiful day I got to spend with my classmates!

Tasks: (number – task – due date – progress – info shared with)

1 –  Annotate Chapter 12 – Tuesday – Complete – The whole stein group

2 – Hike the Minnekhada High Knoll trail as a practice hike – Saturday – Complete – The whole Stein group

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