MSND Blog post #1

In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream we see that our emotions often influence our perceptions of the world around us when Helena follows Demetrius into the woods and also when some of the characters fall under the power of the magic flower. Helena follows Demetrius into the forest because she’s in love with him. She ignores his disrespect and threats telling her to go home because she wants him back. When Demetrius says “Do I entice you? do I speak you fair? / Or, rather, do I not in plainest truth / Tell you, I do not, nor I cannot love you?”.(2.1.199-201) Then Helena’s reply: “And even for that do I love you the more / […]spurn me, strike me / Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave, / Unworthy as I am, to follow you.”(2.1.202,205-207) Demetrius says that he doesn’t love Helena, but she replies with saying that she will love him no matter how horrible he can treat her. Her love for Demetrius is drowning her self-respect. She gives all her love to Demetrius and spares none for herself, Demetrius gives all his love to Hermia and spares figuratively no respect for Helena. My next point is that power of the flower can reshape the character’s worlds by changing their emotions. When Puck drops the liquid of the flower into Lysander’s eye, and he wakes up to Helena and immediately falls madly in love with her. Even though he had a plan to marry Hermia in the next day or so. He states this by saying: “Not Hermia but Helena I love”.(2.2.113) Lysander’s new emotions outweigh his feelings for Hermia. This flower changed him greatly, and uses the power of emotions to change others, like Oberon said to Puck, “And with the juice of this I’ll streak her eyes, / And make her full of hateful fantasies.”.(2.1.257-258) Oberon says he’ll use the flower to manipulate and distract Titania so he can take the halfling boy. This demonstrates the power of the flower and what emotions can do to a being.

IN DEPTH blog post #1, ‘Intro’

For my In Depth project, I will be exploring the field of robotics. Robotics is playing a huge part of our future, almost everything we use has been somewhat to mostly to fully made by robots, like our electronics, clothes (zippers and such), cars, and writing utilities. I have always been interested in robotics and similar fields but never got around to going ‘in-depth’ with robotics. I am very excited to dive into robotics and learn everything I can about the topic. I have learned about similar fields, but now I’m going to tackle the largest one, robotics.

ZIP Document of Learning #4

For my forth Document of learning, I will talk about what I have to present for ZIP. So far, I have an interactive story (I talked about this in my last document of learning) and am working on a Pecha Kucha inspired video. In the video, I will be talking about three points that make a good interactive story. I will also edit in pictures as I talk. So far, I have written my script, recorded an audio file of me reading it and edited the sound portion of my video. After my video is done, I will have around seven minutes for my presentation and will be finished my ZIP project! Just in case, I will prepare an extra component so that if my main presentation is not long enough, I will have a backup plan. I predict I have another two hours of work for ZIP which will include finding images online to incorporate into my video and making another small component.

ZIP Document of Learning three

For my third document of learning, I will write about what I am presenting for my main assignment of ZIP. I have decided to write an interactive story which I will read out loud to the class. The story is about a New Years party your friend invited you to, and some pretty wild situations occur. The class will have to choose what the main character will do in these situations by walking to either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ side of the classroom. The side with the window would be B and the side with the door to the hallway would be A. Each choice will consist of an ‘A)’ answer and a ‘B)’ answer, like this:

Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?

A) Red Pill or B) Blue Pill

Although, I won’t get to sneak this reference in my actual story. I am in the editing stages now. Before I read my story, I will introduce the concept and definitions of Interactive stories. After, I will explain in a video what I think makes a good interactive story and good/bad examples of these concepts.