Document of Learning #1

I started reading interactive stories as a means of information. I take notes on their pros, cons and other interesting notes. There is not too much information online so reading looks like it’s going to be my main source of information. When reading these stories, I get a first-hand look at what makes them good, bad, interesting and how they differ from each other. This is helpful because I get to make my own opinions without someone on the internet bias-ing up an article for me to read. I also like reading these stories, they are engaging and fun to read. There is also such a wide variety of stories to choose from. I can read action, horror, suspense, adventure and all of them offer a unique, interactive experience. I get to see how the authors make the different genres interactive and engaging. This lets me dig deeper into my research than looking at a website. Overall, I have found a reliable source of research and information that is also effective.

3 thoughts on “Document of Learning #1

  1. Star: good amount of detail throughout and it was easy to read. Your project seems very interesting and I am excited to see the final product.
    Question: What book genre have YOU found most interactive and engaging?

  2. Overall, a really effective, concise doc. of learning. :)
    Star: I love that you are looking into books over the internet because I agree, a lot of the information online about stories, is based on opinion.
    Question: Why do you think people enjoy putting themselves into a horror story? That seems like it would be something that people would shy away from, yet they are often excited about it.

    good job!

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