NOTN Assessment

Overall, I was very impressed with my learning center. Some minor ideas did not work out, but this did not hurt my presentation. I wanted to make my center look like a tent, so I decided to string up a tarp over top, this idea failed miserably. The tarp took way too long to set up and it was only connected at its corners so the sides dropped inwards. The tent pole used to prop up the tarp didn’t fulfill its duty either. The pole bent and wasn’t rigid enough so it could not stand up on its own. The worst part was, I decided to give up on the whole tent idea when Ms. Mulder called us in for dinner. I left for dinner with nothing set up at my learning center, thinking the speeches would start as soon as we finished eating. To my pleasant surprise, we were granted another 45 minutes. I had more than enough time to set up my center. Other than making my center look like a tent, I met my expectations of my learning center. Such as my interactive part. My interactive part was meant to make one feel how hard it is to breathe when on the summit of Mount Everest. People would take a straw and breathe with it while getting their heart rate up. I was surprised at how well the idea turned out. People really liked participating. I liked making my center look like a tent, and I will try to make my center look like it is from my eminent person’s life. Although, I will think out my center and what I will need for it before we start picking places and assigning tables so I get what I need. Night of the Notables was a great night. All of our hard work finally paying off. I had a lot of fun that night, which I will remember for next year. Although, the Night wouldn’t be possible without the TALONS teachers, and classmates. Not only would I like to thank the teachers, but the Gr. 10’s presented wonderful speeches that made the night even more memorable. Of course, the Grade 9s deserve some acknowledgment as well. How could I forget the alumni and other attendants? Without them, the night wouldn’t have worked out. I guess I would like to thank everyone who came through the door. I’ll remember not only Night of the Notables but the entire eminent project. Eminent gave me experiences I never thought I would learn from just a school project. Eminent was a lot of hard work, a lot of long nights, a lot of stress, but a lot of fun.

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