(ZIP) Document of learning #2

I will answer my own question for my second document of learning, what is a specific set of skills that you hope to expand on / learn as you continue this assignment. How are you currently learning this skill?
I hope to learn how to create an interactive story. As well as find an appropriate program, I hope to find out how to make one engaging, interactive and interesting. Also, I will like to expand my basic Javascript and CSS programming skills to make my stories have special sounds, pictures, and other cool add-ons to make them more engaging. So far, I have found a great program called Twine 2.0. Twine is easy to use but allows the writer to add CSS and Javascript, meaning the possibilities end at the computer’s computing power. I am watching a 28-part series on how to use Twine, the tutorials are well laid-out and efficient. I am also reading various interactive stories from different genres, including horror, action, adventure, and suspense. I am noting what I liked, disliked and what I have found interesting. My favorite story I read so far is Capsule by someone who calls themself PaperBlurt. Capsule takes place on a humongous ship holding earth’s population in cryosleep headed towards a wormhole, seeking a habitable planet. You are someone called a Sandman. You are in charge of piloting the ship for eight years after Sandman #12 wakes you up. Like the other 12 Sandman, after you put the previous Sandman back into cryosleep, you are alone for the next eight years, or so you think… I read this story and my ending was not what I hoped. I did not make the right choice of locking myself into a cockpit without anything to keep me from going insane.

PTI Indian Current Events Connections

Article Name: Truth and Education: For First Nations, Metis and Inuit Students to find Academic Success, Schools need to Rework their Programs, Curricula and Campus Cultures.

Authors: Maclean’s Magazine

Publication: Gale’s Global Issues in context

Date Published: November 2017

Date Read: 12/13/17


This article’s main point is that schools need to update their teaching ways to appeal to First Nations learners.


There is a “solid effort by a lot of postsecondary institutions not only to make their campuses more welcoming for Indigenous students but to tackle the challenging question of how to bring in Indigenous perspectives, world views and knowledge,”

How it relates:

This evidence relates to updating teaching ways because it talks about post secondary schools already updating their teaching.

Article Evidence:

“Only 9.8 per cent of 25-to-64-year-olds who self-identify as Indigenous had a university degree in 2011 compared to 26 per cent for non-Indigenous people in the same age bracket, according to Statistics Canada,”.

How it relates:

This evidence states why schools need to tweak their teaching. You can see by these statistics that non-Indigenous people have a better chance having a university degree. The article is stating that the reason for this is because the teaching ways of education are not focused enough on Indigenous people.

Novel Evidence:

You’ll be the first one to ever leave the res this way,”.

How Evidence relates to Current Event

This evidence is talking about Junior leaving the rez, more specifically him being the first to leave. The article starts out by talking about “Marcus Scherer, the first in his First Nations family to graduate from high school, will soon have a university degree, too.”

What do we learn?

We learn that Junior will probably be the first in his family to go to postsecondary education, like Marcus. We also learn that these types of stories are still happening for Indigenous families, when they shouldn’t be.

Novel Evidence #2

I deserved to get smashed in the face for what I’ve done to Indians.”

How Novel Evidence relates to article

This evidence is from when Mr. P is talking to junior about how he’s done horrible and unfair things to Indians. The article explains how schools need to keep changing because of the discrimination against First Nations. Of course, the discrimination and unfairness against First Nations are not as bad as Junior’s time but still needs to minimize.

What do we learn?

We learn that education for First Nations was discrimination and unfair in Junior’s time. We also learn that these problems still exist, they are just not as threatening.

The most significant conflict in Juniors life is….

The most significant conflict Junior faces in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is his race, because people not accepting his race is the reason for his other problems, specifically money. Junior’s mom could have a very steady job instead of being an “ex-drunk” because she is smart and reads a lot of books. When Junior is describing his parents, he states that “given the chance, Junior’s mother would have gone to college,”(11). What he is really saying is that his mom has great potential and could’ve had a successful life if she wasn’t Indian. If she could get a job like a white person, Junior and his family would have a much better life because their income would be greatly increased. Same with Junior’s dad. He would be on the radio and pursuing his dream of becoming a musician if he was white. Junior’s family doesn’t “get those chances. Or choices. They’re just poor. That’s all they are,”(13). If Junior and his family are white, they could lead a much happier life. That is why Junior’s most significant problem in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is people not accepting his race.

Document of Learning #1

I started reading interactive stories as a means of information. I take notes on their pros, cons and other interesting notes. There is not too much information online so reading looks like it’s going to be my main source of information. When reading these stories, I get a first-hand look at what makes them good, bad, interesting and how they differ from each other. This is helpful because I get to make my own opinions without someone on the internet bias-ing up an article for me to read. I also like reading these stories, they are engaging and fun to read. There is also such a wide variety of stories to choose from. I can read action, horror, suspense, adventure and all of them offer a unique, interactive experience. I get to see how the authors make the different genres interactive and engaging. This lets me dig deeper into my research than looking at a website. Overall, I have found a reliable source of research and information that is also effective.



          Over the past week, I learned how to be successful from John Maxwell’s How to be a REAL Success. I learned that success comes from four main points, the first one being relationships. This means I have to have healthy relationships in order to get help from those around me. This is important because having healthy relationships is the basis of a productive team. Next is equipping. Equipping is to give others the correct set of skills in order to complete the tasks at hand. This is mandatory if I want to spread a large task amongst my other team members. If I cannot equip, I will have to do all of my tasks by myself, which could be impossible depending on the task. After equipping, I learned attitude. The lesson on attitude taught me to have a positive attitude toward success. Without a healthy attitude, I can’t be open to learn and help my classmates. I have to be open to be successful if I want to succeed. Finally, I learned leadership. The people around me are essential for me to succeed. If I cannot be a good leader to them, I cannot use them to help me with my projects.


           I plan on using the skills I’ve learned from the past week in my everyday life, including TALONS. Especially relationships. I already incorporate the skill of relationships into TALONS. The TALONS 9 facebook group chat is a great example. I contribute to questions I can answer and ask questions I need the answer to. The chat is a wonderful tool and is built on relationships and the concept of attitude. We created the chat about a week or two after our first day at TALONS. As everyone created stronger relationships, we made a bonded classroom to create a communal group chat with everyone included. Without our strong relationships, we would have never made the chat. I also mentioned attitude contributes to the group chat. If nobody cared about the group chat, it would go unused and nobody would participate in answering questions. The group chat needs our willing and helpful attitude for it to thrive. I do not currently have any tasks at hand where I can encourage leadership. Although, when I start planning the day for the grade nines in June, I hope to use what I have learned to contribute to the planning. Also, if anything pops up in my life where I could use these REAL skills, I will incorporate them into my tasks.

Zzzzzzzzzzip! Proposal

What makes a good interactive story? Ummmmmm, I don’t know… yet. I love all kinds of storytelling, from books to comics to movies to animations, but more specifically, I love interactive stories. Stories the ‘reader’ changes or participates in. Ever heard of Choose your own Adventure? Basically, you get to choose what happens in the story, like choosing the red pill or the blue pill. These choices the reader makes changes the plot of the story. Another example of an interactive story is video games, Beyond Two Souls is a great example of interactive stories in video games. Ok, I’ll have plenty of time to talk about this later, so I’ll get on with this proposal. I grew up reading Choose your own Adventure books and playing lots of video games (and still am), so I’m getting pretty excited just writing about them.


Like I’ve said, I’ve played many video games and read many books, so I do have a background, but a small one. Not every video game is an interactive story nor every book. I am learning some video editing skills and know how to create very, very, very, very simple games. I hope to expand at looking at things closer and time management. I want to be able to set self due dates and stick to them.


I don’t know anyone to go to for research, but the internet can be a very friendly place if you know where to look. Playing storyline video games and reading adventure books will help me gather first-hand knowledge. I am hoping to present this knowledge in a short video, kinda like what IGN makes about video games, or make a small ‘game’ like a digital choose your own adventure.


My Plan:




Complete Proposal


Finalize choice for the question.


Start reaserch



connect to curriculum


Blog Post


research/start presentation









start to connect research together



blog post



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NOTN Assessment

Overall, I was very impressed with my learning center. Some minor ideas did not work out, but this did not hurt my presentation. I wanted to make my center look like a tent, so I decided to string up a tarp over top, this idea failed miserably. The tarp took way too long to set up and it was only connected at its corners so the sides dropped inwards. The tent pole used to prop up the tarp didn’t fulfill its duty either. The pole bent and wasn’t rigid enough so it could not stand up on its own. The worst part was, I decided to give up on the whole tent idea when Ms. Mulder called us in for dinner. I left for dinner with nothing set up at my learning center, thinking the speeches would start as soon as we finished eating. To my pleasant surprise, we were granted another 45 minutes. I had more than enough time to set up my center. Other than making my center look like a tent, I met my expectations of my learning center. Such as my interactive part. My interactive part was meant to make one feel how hard it is to breathe when on the summit of Mount Everest. People would take a straw and breathe with it while getting their heart rate up. I was surprised at how well the idea turned out. People really liked participating. I liked making my center look like a tent, and I will try to make my center look like it is from my eminent person’s life. Although, I will think out my center and what I will need for it before we start picking places and assigning tables so I get what I need. Night of the Notables was a great night. All of our hard work finally paying off. I had a lot of fun that night, which I will remember for next year. Although, the Night wouldn’t be possible without the TALONS teachers, and classmates. Not only would I like to thank the teachers, but the Gr. 10’s presented wonderful speeches that made the night even more memorable. Of course, the Grade 9s deserve some acknowledgment as well. How could I forget the alumni and other attendants? Without them, the night wouldn’t have worked out. I guess I would like to thank everyone who came through the door. I’ll remember not only Night of the Notables but the entire eminent project. Eminent gave me experiences I never thought I would learn from just a school project. Eminent was a lot of hard work, a lot of long nights, a lot of stress, but a lot of fun.


Here are the websites I have used:




“Edmund Hillary.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 3 Dec. 2017, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Hillary.


This website gave me everything about Edmund. I looked at other websites, but none of them had anything more than the Wikipedia page. This was my main source of information.




“Peter Hillary – adventurer and inspiring speaker.” Go to the Welcome to PeterHillary.Com page, www.peterhillary.com/.


This is Peter Hillary’s site. I used this for info on Peter (for my speech), info on charities and how to contact Peter.




Himalayan Trust New Zealand, himalayantrust.org/.


This is the charity’s website. I used this to find out more about the Himalayan Trust and to donate.

Document of Learning

My interview was the part of this project I am most proud of, thus making it my document of learning. I was very, very proud of myself for landing an interview with Peter Hillary, my eminent person’s son! I thought for sure I wasn’t going to get an interview because Peter goes all over the world to speak, so why would he talk with me? About a week after I sent out my email, I was in the process of writing another email to send to a New Zealand Climber. Then, to my extreme pleasure and great surprise, I got an email from Peter! I was ecstatic finding out I had landed a Skype interview with him. As the date for our interview matched the day I woke up, butterflies were not just flying, but having a world war || dogfight, dropping bombs and crashing into the sides of my stomach. Then as I came down to the last hour, I couldn’t stop sweating. It was honestly kinda gross.


After a couple of tries to get hold of Peter, we started our interview. Peter was an amazing interviewee, he kept talking and elaborating on my questions. He always had something to say and I got so much more insight on Edmund, Everest, and Peter than I had intended. The interview was not only helpful, but it was fun! The amount of adrenaline pumping through me was greater than at the top of a mountain with a bike pointed down, or on skis facing a steep, snowy forest. I felt alive after the interview, and very proud of myself.


Here is our conversation before the interview:




Dear Peter Hillary,

My name is Rowan Zawadzki and I am a grade 9 student from Gleneagle Secondary School near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am assigned with researching an eminent person. I chose your father, Edmund Hillary because what he did was amazing and I want to climb Mount Everest like you and your dad.
I would love to interview you for fifteen to twenty minutes as I ask questions about your dad and your ascent to Mount Everest. If you could spare any time from your busy schedule, that would be greatly appreciated.

As I know we are on different time zones, you can give me a time (preferably on the weekend, but only if it fits your schedule) and I will work around it. I would like for it to be over the phone but can accomplish this of email as well.

If you have any questions you may contact me at 125-rzawadzki@sd43.bc.ca. Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Rowan Zawadzki




Hello Rowan,

Happy to have an interview with you over the next couple of weeks. The time difference between Vancouver and NZ is only an effective 3 hours at the moment so not too difficult for a call or skype. Let me know when would be a suitable time.

For more information about my father take a look at my website www.peterhillary.com

Best regards,


Peter Hillary


Dear Peter Hillary,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. This Thursday, Nov 16 at 4:00pm (NZDT time) works perfectly for me, but I am very flexible depending on your schedule. In the meantime, if you could send me your skype details, I will give you a friend request prior to our call. Just in case skype doesn’t work, please include your phone number. I am really, really looking forward to our skype call. Thank you so much!

Sincerely Rowan Zawadzki




Hello Rowan, OK that time should be fine. My skype is peter_hillary



Peter Hillary




Dear Peter,

Thank you, I will send you a friend request on Skype.

Sincerely Rowan Zawadzki




Dear Peter Hillary,

I wanted to thank you for our interview and as a small token of my appreciation I decided to donate to the Himalayan Trust. I truly believe in what they/you do. Thank you so much, I will remember our interview.

Sincerely Rowan Zawadzki


Hello Rowan,

Thanks for your email and for your donation to the Himalayan Trust – this is very kind of you and much appreciated. I hope your assignment goes well for school; it was a pleasure being interviewed by you for this. And I hope that one day you may visit Kathmandu and the Himalayas to see them and their wonderful people for yourself.

With best regards,


Peter Hillary