Racism within a Race… Still Racism?

Being racist to your own race is still racism. You may think it’s all fun and games, but to your elders, who have been through much worse times, can be very offended by racist remarks. Other people from your race could have experienced racism from others who ment harm; they can now take much more offence from your remarks because you have not experienced enough to know why the remark is racist. I believe one has to feel said racism to know it’s meaning. You cannot know why something is racist just because someone said so; one must experience it first-hand. It is not your choice to say that your entire race is okay with being discriminated. You can cause harm and hurt from being racist to your own race, so I think this is just as racist as traditional racism.
So before saying, “I am Asian so I am a bad driver!” Try I am a bad driver!”

Speech Plotline

I will be Peter Hillary

Exposition: Who I am, who Edmund is and how we relate.

      Rising action 1: Edmund Attempting climbing Mount Everest.

How Edmund is imminent: 2: Edmund climbing Mount Everest.

3:  Edmund’s charity

Climax: Traveling around the globe, including north and south poles.

Falling action how he is a New Zealand Hero and  Edmunds devotion to the Sherpa people and the world.

Resolution: his death and how the world recognized it.